Consultation hour WAEH Members

Want to know more about the WAEH and meet your fellow-members? Join the WAEH Consultation hour!

This consultation hour is especially for WAEH members to get to know the WAEH a bit better. During this consultation hour, you can pop up all your questions about the WAEH activities like the WAEH Annual Meeting (like sending in an abstract or how to register), Community of Practice – Human resources, Community of Practice for Nurses, Community of Practice Keratoconus, Community of Practice Primary Retinal Detachment, and so on. There is no need to register yourself for this consultation hour, just pop in!

We have planned in the following dates for 2023 – if needed we can include other dates and timings based on your schedule and timezone:

  • Thursday 1 June – 13.00AM CEST – took place already
  • Thursday 6 July – 09.00AM CEST – took place already
  • Thursday 7 September – 13.00AM CEST
  • Thursday 5 October 09.00AM CEST
  • Thursday 9 November 13.00AM CEST

This is also a way to meet other members. In this consultation hour, we can catch up and get to know each one better!

Link to meet:


Sep 07 2023


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm


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